Workshop Terms & Conditions

By leaving your bicycle with Pedal Inn Bicycle Garage you agree to the following:

Bike Servicing & Repairs

  • Quotes for repairs are generally free. We may charge a fee if an extensive assessment is required or if you don't go ahead with the service. If this is a concern, ask on drop-off.
  • $15 Cleaning Charge – if your bike is too dirty for our mechanics to work on, we'll give it a bath. 
  • Work will be completed as agreed when you drop your bike off.
  • If we cannot complete an assessment on drop-off, we will provide a quote.
  • If work/parts are required in addition to the original agreement, we will request a call or SMS a quote for approval. This work will not be started until we have received approval.
  • If the extra work is within 10% of the original estimate, we will proceed without seeking approval.
  • If you choose NOT to follow our recommendations, we cannot guarantee that your bicycle will work as it should. If the recommendation is a safety concern, we may cancel your booking.
  • Unless booked for the minimum service, we may not complete an assessment or safety check and therefore will not advise on potential defects. 
  • Pedal Inn Bicycle Garage accepts no liability for any defects arising with the bicycle or injuries sustained as a result of not undertaking the recommended work or from defects outside the agreed scope of work.
  • A service report will be provided for all work that includes one of our set services. This report can be re-sent at any time by request.
  • We may sub-contract specialist work.

Electric and Motorised Equipment

  • We are authorised dealers for Bosch, Shimano, TQ and Bafang components.
  • If your equipment is motorised or modified in any way that it does not meet Australian Standards; you must advise us prior to drop-off. If choose to reserve this information, we may cancel your booking or stop work mid-service. We reserve the right to charge for work done, without continuing.
  • Due to our shop location, we cannot test-ride e-bikes that are NOT speed-limited to 25km p/hr.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to work on equipment without explanation. 
 Completion of Work
  • Services (and preferably repairs) must be booked ahead.
  • Servicing turnaround is usually same day.
  • Timeframe for other repairs will be advised on drop-off.
  • If we can’t do it in the agreed timeframe, we will advise you asap.
  • If we don’t have suitable components to complete the agreed work. We will complete the work as soon as possible after the parts arrive.
 Price & Payment
  • Price is as quoted either when you drop off or as agreed afterwards.
  • We may ask for a deposit prior to starting work.
  • Payment in full is required on completion of any work undertaken to your bicycle and prior to the return of your bicycle. Pedal Inn Bicycle Garage reserves the right to retain your bicycle until you have paid in full.
 Collection of Bicycles
  • Unless agreed otherwise, you agree to collect your bicycle within 2 days of receiving notification that work has been completed.
  • A storage fee of $5 per day may be charged for bikes not collected within 7 days.
  • Failure to collect your bicycle or component within 21 days may result in the disposal or sale to recover our costs.
  • We will make reasonable contact with you within this time frame by sms, phone call and email (if we have it).
The above is a summary of the terms and conditions and is subject to change without notice. Full terms and conditions are available in-store. Leaving your bicycle, wheel, or any component with our team is considered an agreement to the terms and conditions. 
If you are not happy with any aspect of our service, or if you have any queries or comments relating to your service, please get in touch with us here.

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