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The ultimate in child comfort and safety ! All the features of the WeeRide carrier, but with the added bonus of thick seat and back padding as well as a padded shoulder harness. Also exclusive to the LTD is the deluxe safety harness with oversized buckle
The ultimate in child and comfort and safety, the WeeRide LTD child bike seat offers all the features of WeeRide's popular carrier--including a unique carrying position and adjustable foot cups--but ups the ante by adding ultra-thick padding on the seat and back and a padded shoulder harness. As a result, your child will be more secure and comfortable than ever while you ride across the countryside or to the grocery store. The deluxe safety harness and oversized buckle system, meanwhile, will keep your child secure while giving him or her a much better view of the road and surrounding activities. Perhaps the subtlest yet most convenient feature, however, is the enhanced weight distribution, which keeps you from wavering while navigating corners or hitting bumps. The LTD WeeRide bike seat--the plushest carrier that WeeRide makes--carries a two-year warranty.
- Weight: 4 kgs. Fits 99% of all bicycles!
- Performance:. Better balance, better ride, better view.
- Safety: Better than any rear-mounted seat
- Unique front-position child bike seat with ultra-thick seat and back padding
- Deluxe safety harness and oversized buckle system for maximum safety
- Child is visible at all times by rider
- Child's needs can be heard, seen and attended to more easily
- Interesting view for child - no more staring at someone's back!
- Child's weight enhances rather than impairs bicycle stability
- Better communication between adult and child
- More comfortable, enjoyable riding experience for child
- Improved balance for rider due to child's central position on bicycle
- Enhanced safety because adult's arms surround child
- Easy to remove child carrier for riding alone
- No dangling arms or legs to reach wheels
- Rear of bike is free to carry equipment
- Weight: 4 kgs
- Bicycle : Fits 99% of all bikes
- Disc Brakes : Compatible
- Dual Suspension : Compatible
- Podium: For sleeping on
- Harness: 5 point
- Seat: Padded
- Foot Cups: Adjustable
- Warranty : 2 Year Manufacturers
- Satisfaction : Guarenteed
- Little Details Count: Extra set of longer attachment bolts included,
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