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Bikes are machines. Awesome machines.

Regular servicing will help to keep them operating smoothly and reduce wear and tear. This can save you money in the long run and avoid big repair bills from prematurely worn out components.


Safety Check
Wipe and lubricate chain
Adjust gears
Adjust brakes
Tyre check
Test Ride

    FULL $179

    Basic Service PLUS:
    Bottom Bracket Service/replace OR Headset overhaul* (parts not included)
    Check & tighten handlebars, crank bolts & wheels
    Chain degrease and bike wash
    Replace one Gear Cable (internal additional)

      VIP from $399

      Bike stripped to frame
      All parts degreased and lubricated
      Bottom bracket overhaul
      Hubs re-greased
      Unlimited replacement parts installation (parts not included)*
      *contact us for full details

        Please note:
        Prices quoted below are the minimum charge. Additional fees may apply.
        Price of parts are not included (unless indicated otherwise).
        If you’re unsure of how much loving your bike is need of, book in for an assessment.

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